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Tom Ginsburg, Leo Spitz Professor of International Law and Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago; Geoffrey R. Levi Distinguished Service Professor of Law, University of Chicago.Moderated by Christie Hefner, Former Chairman and CEO, Playboy Enterprises, Inc.The authors, all advocates of legalizing same-sex marriage, consider legal history, political arguments, studies of gay and lesbian parents (and their children), marriage law in the United States and the institution's benefits.While most of the information offered is treated in greater depth elsewhere, this book's value lies in its readable distillation of the arguments and information of a small library's worth of titles; a well-sourced thumbnail history of homosexuality (from the ancient Greeks through Freud and Kinsey and up to the present) complements two nimble chapters outlining the history of state laws and U. Supreme Court decisions dealing with homosexuality. Readers who want to get quickly up to speed on the case for same-sex marriage will want to give this book a look.

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