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At 31, I needed an itinerary that was entirely my own.

Just imagine never having to approach another stranger in public in order to socialize with and date beautiful, intelligent, commitment-minded women.We can then talk man to man about the exact specifics you are seeking to date and the types of women you would like to meet.We’ll tell you right upfront if our executive dating agency is right for your particular needs.As far as companionship, Henry Miller’s account of his travels in prewar Greece would do just fine.ounding down the stairs into a subterranean shop, with books stuffed in every nook and cranny as if they were messages left in the crevices of the Western Wall, I locked eyes with a bearded man at the cash register. “No, I planned to come here alone,” I said, noting that it had been a rough couple of years, romantically. The least I could do was take myself on a getaway, never mind that I was surrounded by lovers and families.I spoke recently with three matchmakers, Richard Easton, Janis Spindel and Samantha Daniels.


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