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A PL/SQL static SQL statement can have a PL/SQL identifier wherever its SQL counterpart can have a placeholder for a bind variable.The PL/SQL identifier must identify either a variable or a formal parameter.If the table has too many indices, it is better to disable them during update and enable it again after update3.Instead of updating the table in single shot, break it into groups as shown in the above example.The implicit cursor attributes are: DROP TABLE dept_temp; CREATE TABLE dept_temp AS SELECT * FROM departments; CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE p ( dept_no NUMBER ) AUTHID DEFINER AS BEGIN DELETE FROM dept_temp WHERE department_id = dept_no; IF DROP TABLE employees_temp; CREATE TABLE employees_temp AS SELECT * FROM employees; DECLARE mgr_no NUMBER(6) := 122; BEGIN DELETE FROM employees_temp WHERE manager_id = mgr_no; DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE ('Number of employees deleted: '

Though COALESCE and ISNULL functions have a similar purpose, they can behave differently.

Suppose you want to update a column with the value 0, if it that column contains negative value.

Let us also assume that there are over 2 million row in that column that has a negative value.

To list the session cursors that each user session currently has opened and parsed, query the dynamic performance view Note: Generally, PL/SQL parses an explicit cursor only the first time the session opens it and parses a SQL statement (creating an implicit cursor) only the first time the statement runs. A SQL statement is reparsed only if it is aged out of the cache by a new SQL statement.

Although you must close an explicit cursor before you can reopen it, PL/SQL need not reparse the associated query.


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