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We don’t call what’s under the water “land,” but we might call it knowledge; we might call it persistence; we might call it patience.

At the bottom of Sound/Chest, the next thing we turn over might be the thing we need.

It's revealing to note that Creme also mentions that his group would often make contact with Maitreya in ceremonies that were held on the full moon, and at various times of Astrological significance.

Creme himself travels and lectures all over the world, while his organization, Share International, promulgates the Gospel According to Maitreya.

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“Beginning in 1959, [Creme] was contacted by one of the "Ascended Masters," who told him he had a mission to perform for the advancement of the Masters' plan for humanity.

Creme was instructed to prepare the way for the coming of one Lord Maitreya, a Master who would assume human form and begin preparing humanity for the advent of the Age of Aquarius — a sort of New Age millennium.

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The Aquarian Age would be a time of peace, plenty, perfect equality, and global governance under the Masters, via the United Nations.” n 1980 Creme wrote a book called The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, which is an account of his telepathic communication with Maitreya and the history of his involvement with the occult dating back to the 1940's.

These messages received from Maitreya represents the most dominate strain of the present-day New Age eschatological religion.

Salvation is just the first step to becoming a true member of the Bride of Christ.

If you want to be able to reap all of the Lord’s benefits and be used by Him in this final hour, you must seek to grow in the Lord every day.


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