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Let's just get this out there, #Masterof None Season 2 is just as good as, if not better than, Season 1.

Running themes of love, beauty, adulthood, and sincerity run through the show, all branded with comedian #Aziz Ansari's characteristic lighthearted yet deeply thoughtful flair.

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I needed to interview Jason Baffa, the filmmaker of I was excited to do something new in the genre and I really wanted to focus on building story and emotion through the Byron Bay Surfing Festival in New South Wales. I knew that film was so important for us because it was a starting point: it finally showed Italy to the surfing world. It also seemed like an idea that could potential reach audiences outside of our “core” surf-audience because Italy is such a beautiful and culturally rich place. But, mostly, the idea of three months in Italy with good food, friends, family, and wine.The movie was so inspiring; the atmosphere something I cannot forget. That just sounded like a fantastic project to be a part of.Source - And the best thing is that they are both still good friends.In a recent interview Bud Spencer commented : Terence is like a brother to me, and like brothers we don't always agree, and he can be a pain in the neck sometimes." [laughs] "...The item you've requested contains mature content that may not be suitable for all audiences.


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