Rules for dating a flight attendant

They have provided the following account which they say comes from a Qatar Airways cabin crew member describing what life is like at the airline.'There are cameras in every building and security guard watching everything you do, and the only way to go in or out of your accommodation is by swiping your ID card otherwise the doors won't open, this way they can keep track of the exact times when you leave or come in.'I believed this is very dangerous specially in case of a fire or something. The biggest problem is there are no workers rights in this country so there's nowhere to complain, if you don't like anything you simply get sacked and if that happens before completing 2 years with the company you have to pay a bond which many cannot afford.

Supposed real stories from flight attendants apologizing for rough transport on the airlines: An airline pilot wrote that on this particular flight he had hammered his ship into the runway really hard.In spite of less leg room, straight-backed seats, dismal food options, and constant delays, air travel is more popular than ever. The air travel industry breaks the record for number of people flying each and every year—3.5 billion people flew in 2015!That’s nearly half the world’s population taking part in this massive industry.But perhaps most shocking is an interview published last year by the Swedish newspaper Expressen in which a Qatar Airways pilot reportedly states how the CEO tries to keep female crew members from mixing with male pilots by making remarks such as: 'the pilots are my chauffeurs, they only come to you to f*** you'. The employment contracts simply use the term "single status" which is a common term in many Gulf companies' contracts.In addition, cabin crew do not have to ask permission before marrying.'Cabin crew in Qatar, as in other GCC countries, are licensed professionals, and must therefore comply with civil aviation regulations in order to maintain a valid cabin attendant licence and a cabin attendant medical certificate.There is always a reason we say the things we say." "Why did you think it was a good idea to book your connecting flight 30 minutes after your first flight? Internationally they give you a blanket in a plastic bag. " "I'm not your maid or your waitress or your babysitter, either." "The guy in the back also paid for a ticket and deserves my time as well." "Take a shower before you fly." "You're in a metal tube hurtling though the air at 600 miles per hour at 38,000 feet — you should be amazed and thrilled, not b----ing that you don't have a TV screen to shove your face into for the next two hours." "The galley is our only work area, and we have nowhere else to go because our seats are in the galley by the doors." "It's amazing how many passengers will not say 'please' or 'thank you.' Oftentimes they will barely look up at you.


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